Playford Games Introduces Development of Moral Understanding

Playford Games is noted for games that challenge strategic skills and build knowledge of history. However, the Moral Conflict games series does more: it develops moral understanding of the costs of various choices.

Every choice has consequences.

Although many modern board games build skills in strategy and even educate players about historical facts, few do what the Moral Conflict series does: helps players develop an understanding of how moral character impacts decisions and outcomes.

The Moral Conflict series includes games that challenge the intellect and appeals to a large segment of the population including serious strategy and war game players as well as youth who enjoy both socializing and applying decision making skills.

Whether players are serious gamers or just enjoy a challenge, Moral Conflict, located on the web at , allows them to make decisions and follow the course of those choices through a series of consequences. By allowing a holistic view of the consequences of various choices, Moral Conflict builds understanding of moral values and how character influences the decisions everyone makes on a daily basis.

Based on the historical reality of WWII, Moral Conflict takes the typical “war game” to a new level. Things such as weather and terrain can affect the outcome of battles, and players adopt character roles that are influenced both by the game and by personal choices. Players must exercise diplomacy, cooperation and negotiation in order to be successful and learn how moral standing impacts the game’s outcome.

Every game session offers a different outcome based on the players’ personal decisions. Players can experiment with different outcomes because they can apply different values at various points in the game. Depending on the moral path taken by each player, every game presents new and exciting possibilities.

The Moral Conflict game series, located on the web at , promises to become a unique type of board game: one that offers both intellectual and moral challenges to all players.

About Playford Games:

Playford Games offers exciting game play for players in its Moral Conflict series. features videos and rulebooks that can help players choose their roles for this exciting board game.

For More Information:
Eunice Stennett
Playford Games
16400 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 218
Huntington Beach, California 92649
(949) 791-7928

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