Insurance Advisors Prepares For Covered California

Huntington Beach, California — Insurance Advisors is a company that has been serving the need for quality and affordable health insurance in California for 22 years. Now, as individual health insurance in California as well as group California health insurance plans undergo radical changes, Insurance Advisors is preparing to work with new programs such as Covered CA, part of the new Affordable Care Act’s mandates and slated to be the next large California health insurance plan.

Covered California, as the name implies, insures that all citizens of the state are “California Covered” when it comes to CA health insurance. No longer will those who make too little to find affordable health insurance in California but too much to qualify for state-administered California individual health insurance suffer from lack of coverage. Covered California will allow citizens of the state to compare the costs of policies offered by health insurance companies in California and select those that best meet their needs.

While Insurance Advisors and other agencies prepare for the realities presented by Covered California, not everyone will qualify for the health care exchange. In fact, any individual making more than $44,000 per year or families making more than $92,000 will not qualify for reduced-cost coverage under Covered California. However, as of December 31, 2013, everyone will be required to have health insurance or face a penalty.

This means that many people will be searching for low-cost insurance as a way to avoid paying penalties for being uninsured. Insurance Advisors can provide low-cost options for health care coverage, including:

* Individual or family health insurance plans. For those who are not covered through work, Insurance Advisors can help them find affordable plans and even group coverage.

* Self-employed plans. Businesses with as few as two salaried employees may qualify for group coverage. However, self-employed individuals may also wish to explore single coverage options.

* Managed care plans. While Covered California will focus on PPOs, Insurance Advisors can also help individuals find plans such as HMOs and even healthcare savings accounts.

With the help of Insurance Advisors, those who are interested in health insurance plans can find sound advice and a variety of options no matter what their income level or employment status.

About Insurance Advisors:

Insurance Advisors has been offering the best short term health insurance in California as well as health insurance plans for California businesses for more than 22 years. Founded by Kathy Hope, Insurance Advisors has specialized in offering health insurance in CA for many years and has developed a level of expertise in this field unmatched by most general insurance agencies. For affordable health insurance in California , Kathy Hope and the professionals at Insurance Advisors are ready to meet the health insurance needs of people on any type of budget.

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